The Qualifications-Based
Selection Process

The QBS process usually involves the following steps:
  1. Owner prepares the preliminary scope of services, describing the project to be built or problem to be solved and formulates a schedule of activities. (See Model Forms 1, 2)

  2. Owner places legal notices of invitation in newspapers and/or invites qualified firms to submit letters of qualifications in a format provided by Owner. (See Model Forms 3, 4)

  3. Owner reviews letters of qualifications, checks references, ranks firms and selects 3 to 5 firms for interviews. All other firms are notified in writing of the selections. Pre-interview site visits are arranged with the firms to be interviewed to provide the opportunity for a better understanding of the project requirements. (See Model Forms 5a, 5b, 6, 7a, 7b)

  4. Interviews are conducted. During this process, it is important that the same questions be asked of each firm. In fact, it is suggested that qualification criteria and interview format material be made available to each firm prior to being interviewed.
    (See Model Form 8)

  5. Following the interviews, the Owner ranks each firm in accordance with a predetermined ranking system. All interviewed firms are notified of the results.
    (See Model Forms 9, 10)

  6. The highest-ranking firm is asked to participate in the preparation of a detailed scope of services and to negotiate conditions of the contract, including a fair and equitable fee.

  7. If a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached, negotiations with that firm are suspended and negotiations are commenced with the second-highest ranking firm. The process continues until an agreement is reached and a formal contract is executed.

Model Forms:

Model forms are offered here to assist in the selection process. They may be customized to fit your particular needs, based upon the size and scope of the project. For assistance call:
  • AIANH at (603) 357-2863
  • NHSPE at (603) 524-8243
  • NHLSA at (603) 895-482
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Model forms are offered to assist in the selection process. They may be customized to fit your particular needs, based on the size and scope of the project.

  1. Preliminary Scope of Services

  2. Schedule of Activities

  3. Request for Letters of Qualifications

  4. Requirements for Letters of Qualifications

  5a. Letters of Qualifications Evaluation Process

  5b. Letters of Qualifications Evaluation Process - Tally Sheet

  6. Reference Check Form

  7a. Memo to Firms Not Selected for an Interview

  7b. Memo to Firms Selected for an Interview

  8. Interview Process: Issues & Score Sheet

  9. Group Interview Evaluation Form

  10. Memo to Firms After Interview